Surprised by Joy

Dear Nancy,

What an amazing journey you have had (are having). I can only imagine the storm of emotions you are feeling having left a place & people you love, to set sail on open seas, for new beginnings. I am so sorry that along the way, you lost your Uncle. I send blessings to your family at this time. I hope in the future to read more “Bercaw Brother” stories, which truly brings them into the “present” where they shall remain with you always.

Beau looks really good in these pictures. Alzheimers just can’t take the “handsome” outta that man! I’m glad you all had such a special reunion while there. The “trip” (& the TRIP) truly prove that though there may be stormy days for all of us with loved ones with Alzheimers, the rainbow that hangs over them, eclipses that storm.

We have only to look for it. You always do. You rise above your sadness to inspire others to “see the joy”. It’s people like you, my manager John Bauer (who recently lost his beloved Mom to AD) is talking about when he says, “there’s joy there. Don’t miss it. Don’t look back, having wallowed in the pain. Anyone can do that. Look back having grabbed the joy.”

That’s you my dear friend. That’s Beau’s “Gal”.


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