Out of the mouths of ‘braves’

Dear Nancy,

Went for a hike today with my Dad & Keith. Have you ever been to “Malibu Creek State Park?” It’s unbelievably beautiful & happens to be one of the backdrops of my earliest days with Keith.

Dad hadn’t been there in many years & he was in heaven. So happy to be out, with the sun on his face, hiking up a mountain, kicking my butt as usual.

Along the way I stopped to catch my breath. He said “what are you? ok?”

I said “Yeah…I’m fine. Just tired.”

“Just who?”he asked. “Who is it what?”

“No what, Daddy. I’m good. How are you?”

He looked at me a little confused, “How are you is how am I??” he asked.

“Yes sir.”I said back. “How are you?”

He pondered this question for a moment and finally said, clear as a bell, “I don’t think I’ll know the answer to
that…until the end.”

And with a wink, he continued up the mountain.

I guess none of us will REALLY know how we are….until the end.


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  1. Dear Hayley,
    Truer words have not been spoken.
    I think that we are learning during this sometimes frustrating process about our lives and the lives of our loved ones with these comments they are making. We are also learning that these statements come from a place that none of us (without the dreaded AD) can even begin to imagine. Is it a place of pure innocence? Is it a place that is unclouded?
    I think so…
    Love to you all,

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