The He-Art of the Matter

Dear Nancy!

Boy is he ever an artist!! Did you know he had this ability or was it revealed at Juniper? I find this wonderful event absolutely stunning. Look at what is inside that man. Incredible. The familiarity you & I have with this disease makes this picture all the more beautiful. One would think such artistry & beauty could not be possible for our Dads at this stage but this picture tells a different story. I have tears (of happiness & HOPE) rolling down my cheeks. I can only imagine how you feel. This is a remarkable moment. Thank you for sharing it with us.


Dear Hayley,

I never knew he could paint! I don’t think he did either. But he was a GREAT photographer. I often felt that he communicated best by taking pictures. If he liked you and how the photo was framed, he’d grin really big (exactly the way he does holding his painting in the previous post) and then he’d say, “That’s a Great One!” He hasn’t picked up a camera in a long time. Looks like he can pick up a brush now and express himself beautifully. Why don’t you try it with your dad?



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