Bird Brain Idea

Dear Nancy,

I like your thinking.

Would anyone come see that though is my question. We’d all be there for sure (so that makes, like 12 or 13 of us total) but I find that most people are scared shitless of this disease. They don’t want think about it. In the back of everyone’s mind lives the knowledge that no one is safe. It COULD & very well MIGHT happen to them. “Noooo. Not me. I do crossword puzzles!!” (hey! There’s another song for our show!) If we were to call this “Alzheimer’s the musical” I fear about as many people would show up as if it were named “Pancreatic Cancer the musical”. And who could blame them? However, I love your imagery. It made me think of a traveling circus. We could make it  musical exploration about the mind & the mystery of “memories”. Very abstract. At a certain point in the show people should start to wonder if they’ve been dosed with acid.

Today my Dad had a full on conversation with two parrots, perched outside “Tire Man: THE place for tires!” He invited them both to come home with us & marveled at their exceptional grooming skills. At one point he asked them both a question and they just stared at him blankly. He shook his head and said, “oh boy…I know just how you feel.”


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