Treasure Island

Dear Hayley,

I know your computer is broken and your Internet is down, so I’ll talk to myself for a bit this morning. This is a fairy tale of sorts.

For my 35th birthday, my father gave me a genetic test for the Alzheimer’s gene. He told me I should be very grateful because it was quite expensive. I quietly joked that I’d rather of had diamonds. I don’t think he was amused. Although the man has a killer laugh and smile, he took medical matters very seriously. Anyway, I got the test and the results were inconclusive. I should also say that my father always gave great gifts. Wherever he went in the world, he brought treasures back for me. I have a gold ring from Egypt bearing my name in hieroglyphics.  I also have a smokey topaz from India that is nearly the size of India. I wear these things when I need courage. Kinda like the mermaid earrings I bought for myself. These things transport me to another place and time. (Incredible Time Machine of Memory, again.)My father used to read me “The Little Mermaid” when I was a kid, and I think some part of him actually believed I was a mermaid. Anyway, I recently found out from my stepmother that my father has a safety deposit box for me. Over the years, he’s filled it with treasures–real treasures, not genetic tests: raw uncut diamonds, rubies and sapphires. A mermaid treasure just for me.



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  1. Allan Nicholls says:

    Beau’s laugh is still in tact, as is his love for his daughter. I have witnessed both for the last 15 years and it has never changed… I don’t know what this AD is or how it works but I am certain that it cannot remove or alter unconditional love.

  2. HayleyDuMond says:

    I second the post above!

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