Brave New Girl

Dear Nancy,

Here is a picture of my Dad’s final driver’s license 😦 He’s still such a young man. Today he had to sign his name on a power of attorney document. He practiced this morning and when it came time, he gallantly, bravely signed his name, then turned and gave me a wink. Three years ago he was building houses, scaling roof tops, consulting with architects. Sometimes AD is not funny, but in moments like today, I have never been more proud of my incredible Dad. We must be brave my friend. Our Dads are.



Dear Hayley,

You are really brave to move your father (and your mother and grandparents) in with you and your husband. I wish I could do that for my father, but it just wouldn’t work. Maybe I’m not brave enough. But he’s much further along than your dad. He hasn’t driven in many many years. In fact, he has trouble navigating the hallway where he lives, which is a Memory Care Facility. I think the term Memory Care is hilarious, by the way. I mean, I need Memory Care now, something to help me remember before I start to forget too. God, this disease will drive us insane. Maybe we need a license to operate a person with AD. 



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