Back to School



I’ve been in touch with folks at my old English Language school in Seoul about coming for a visit when I am in town. My old school is located in the Gangnam District of Seoul, an area made famous by PSY’s ode to Korean decadence, “Gangnam Style.”

But back in my day, Gangnam-Gu (gu meaning district) wasn’t so fancy and it was more commonly  spelled Kangnam-Ku.

And the rampant excess in the area was done mostly by ELS International’s American teachers. Our juvenile minds took endless pleasure in pointing out that ELS was located in the Yeoksam-DONG (dong meaning ward) part of Gangnam. Furthermore, I used to live with my boyfriend John in a place called

Jeez, Louise. I still have to hold back a giggle.

Twenty-five years later, the academic director at ELS ( now also known as YBM /Sisa), responded kindly to my interest in visiting the old neighborhood. 

I managed to hold onto this old business card for 25 years despite moving dozens and dozens of times.

Hello, Nancy,

Happy New Year! No appointment would be necessary, just feel free to stop by anytime. I imagine the place has changed quite a bit.


Brian Speier, Academic Supervisor

I’ll bet it’s changed. I’m sure hiring practices have tightened significantly. No American psychopaths allowed in PSY’s hometown!

I do hope to see the old staff lounge, where I first met Carolyn and where I also found out she had been killed by a mutual friend of ours. I’d also like to ask Brian if he ever heard about the whole saga/crime/nightmare.

Then, I should like to walk around Gangnam and see what Koreans have done with the place.  Maybe even hit a bath house and wash myself clean of the whole dirty business.



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